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Enrolments for 2024 have closed.  

Late enrolments will be accepted and placed on a waiting list. Please contact Tina Allingham   principalspa@stdoms.ac.nz should you require further information.

To enrol, please download and complete the Enrolment Pack and return to Tina Allingham principalspa@stdoms.ac.nz The Enrolment Pack includes an Application for Enrolment and Preference Certificate which is to be signed by your Parish Priest.   

Download 2024 Enrolment Pack HERE

St Dominic’s Catholic College accepts students from Years 7 to 13.

As a Catholic school, pupils whose parents have an established religious connection with the Catholic character of the college will be given a preference place on the list of applicants for enrolment. However, five percent of the total roll is reserved for non-preference enrolments.
2025 Enrolment Pack
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Non-Preference Criteria

Non-Preference Enrolments:

Non-preference students will be enrolled only if enrolment places remain after all preference applicants have been enrolled. The maximum number of places available for non-preference students will be governed by the maximum allowable under the College’s Integration Agreement.
In this grouping priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Sisters of non-preference students currently enrolled
  2. Daughters of former non-preference students
  3. Non-preference students from feeder schools
  4. Non-preference applicants who are children of employees of the College
  5. Other non-preference applicants

Waiting List Procedure:

All unsuccessful applicants may choose to have their names placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be kept within relevant priority categories, ranked in order. Students on the waiting list may be offered places at a later date if they become available. The waiting list will remain current until the beginning of the next enrolment intake.

School Fees 

Estimated Costs per Student:  Parent Financial Contributions - 2024
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13
The fees for each student include:
Attendance Dues 2024 (Compulsory, GST inclusive)
Years 7-8         $516 per student per year
Years 9-13       $1,016 per student per year
Attendance Dues are used to pay for building related costs at Catholic schools in the Auckland Diocese.  Paying Attendance Dues is a condition of enrolment for all students enrolled in New Zealand Catholic Schools.  Attendance dues are compulsory – there is a legal requirement for parents and caregivers to pay Attendance Dues under The Education and Training Act 2020.

Attendance Dues are collected by St Dominic’s Catholic College on behalf of the school's Proprietor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland. The attendance dues collected by St Dominic's Catholic College are forwarded to Auckland Common Fund Limited, a company established by the proprietors of Catholic integrated schools in the Diocese or Auckland responsible for the collection of attendance dues.

2024 Attendance Dues Flyer

Compulsory Attendance Dues Charges - Parent and Caregiver Responsibilities
Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment under the terms of the Education and Training Act 2020 and a condition of enrolment. Attendance Dues are charged for all students who attend Catholic Schools in New Zealand.
Attendance Dues are collected by your school on behalf of the school’s Proprietor. The Attendance Dues are forwarded to Auckland Common Fund Limited, a company established by the proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools in the Diocese of Auckland responsible for the collection of Attendance Dues.
  • At the time you enrol your child at a Catholic School, you are required to sign an agreement which states you accept that you will pay the Attendance Dues and that you understand that payment is a condition of enrolment.
  • Payments can be made, in full at the beginning of the year or by instalment (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term)
  • They can not be paid in full at the end of each year.
  • Financial Assistance with Attendance Dues is available to families of Preference Students in cases of genuine financial difficulties. Part of the criteria for receiving this assistance is that regular payments have been made at an affordable level.
  • Overdue accounts may be referred to a Debt Collection Agency by the Proprietor.
  • Failure to pay the Attendance Dues may put your child’s place at the school at risk.
  • The agreement is legally enforceable and the person who signs the agreement remains legally liable for payment.
  • Responsibility for payment cannot be transferred to another person, unless they sign a new agreement accepting responsibility for payment.
  • Any civil agreements between parents do not take precedence over the legal agreement signed at the time of enrolment.
Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of Attendance Dues for preference students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.
Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or Auckland Common Fund Ltd at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland on 09-360-3069 for further information.
Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be downloaded here.
Where there is a genuine financial difficulty in a family, the Principal is happy to discuss alternative means of payment.
Special Catholic Character Contributions
Years 7-13      $60 per student per year (tax deductible)
The Catholic Special Character contribution is a voluntary donation of $15.00 per term ($60/year) per student. This contribution provides the main source of funding for all services provided to St Dominic's Catholic College by the Catholic Education Services Board. No contributions are made by the Government for these services. The Catholic Education Services Board assists schools to provide a Catholic education for your child through the preservation and enhancement of the Catholic Special Character in our schools.
General Purpose Donation
Years 7-13      $644 for the first student in the family per year (tax deductible)
                               $152 for each additional student per year (tax deductible)

This donation is used to help pay for sporting and cultural activities, extra resources for the benefit of students including extra staffing, curriculum resources, library books, prizes and other purposes for the benefit of all students.
Proprietor's Development Fund Contribution
Years 7-13      $165 for the first student in the family per year (tax deductible)
                                 $58 for each additional student per year (tax deductible)
The Proprietor’s Development fund donation is collected on behalf of the Proprietor (Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland) to assist with major capital building projects exclusively for St Dominic’s Catholic College. 
College Van Donation (GST Exempt)
The College Van Donation of $20 helps cover the costs associated with providing a van that reduces the reliance on the goodwill of parents/caregivers and staff to transport students to and from approved activities.
Tax donation receipts for all donations made are emailed at the end of each tax year.

Other Charges
ID Cards and Photocopying
Year 9 Camp
$300 (approx.)
Year 10 EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) - 3 days of activities - optional
$400 (approx)
Magazine / Yearbook
$30 (per student)
     Year 7 - 11
     Year 12 & 13
Additional Fees
Subject Fees: Students will be required to pay for the take home components of items used in certain Art /  Technology subjects.
Sports Fees:* Sports fees are payable for students who play for College teams entering the Secondary School Competitions.  This covers affiliation and entry fees and varies according to the sports code.  Payment is required in full before any student plays in their chosen sports code as these payments are forwarded onto various sporting associations.
 *A separate payment is required for all additional charges listed above - they are not included in the fees.
The fees for the entire year are sent in February.  These can be paid in full or by term, monthly etc to suit your budget needs. The statement will then be emailed monthly. A discount of $100 per student is given if the account is paid in full before the end of March.
PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE:  Online payment is preferred by Payment Portal, Credit Card, Internet Banking, Automatic Payment.  When paying by internet banking or automatic payment, it is essential that you add your family account code (this can be found on your school fees statement).  When paying for trips/sports fees, please also add the cost/trip code for our reference. 
The school bank account number is:  02 0152 0469414 000  St Dominic's College Board of Trustees.
If you have any queries please contact the Accounts Department or the Business Manager.


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