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Home Stay Policy

International students are at school on a study visa, which is only issued if they are guaranteed appropriate accommodation.

  1. To provide a suitable environment conducive to study.
  2. To involve a family in the welfare of a student away from the student’s family.
  3. To prepare meals, do laundry and generally meet the student’s needs so everyday pressures of life do not affect the student’s study.
  4. To give the student an experience of the New Zealand way of life.
  5. To allow the overseas parents peace of mind knowing that the student is well and happy in this country.
  6. To keep the student safe by monitoring out-of-school activities.

  1. Students must be in homestay organized through a St Dominic’s College approved homestay company, and under that company’s supervision.
  2. The annual homestay payment must be made to St Dominic’s College who will administer the payments to the homestay families through the homestay coordinators.
  3. Students are not permitted to own or rent a flat/room/house/apartment or live on their own.
  4. Students are not permitted to own or drive a car.
  5. If there are problems in a particular homestay, the student must, first of all, discuss them with the Dean of International Students and the Homestay Coordinator.
  6. Should the problems persist, the Homestay Coordinator should arrange for a change of homestay. St Dominic’s College must be notified by the student and Homestay Coordinator.
  7. Students must not make their own private homestay arrangements while in an approved homestay.
  8. Students are required to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times.