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Special Character - Catholic & Dominican

2018 Theme

God is within her; she will not fail.

  Kei waenganui ona te Atua, e kore ia e paheke.

Psalm 46:5

Student Retreats

Each year, as part of the Religious Education programme, all students at St Dominic's College attend a day retreat, organised and led by the Director of Religious Studies and staff from the Religious Education Department.
YEAR 12 RETREAT began straight away with students being divided into small groups, with people they may not normally interact with. The entire experience was emotional and eye-opening, it was a great chance for us to understand that we all face similar struggles in life and be able to connect with others facing the same struggles. A highlight for many of the girls’ time at the retreat was the positive affirmations we wrote and received.  A memorable activity for most was the Magical Mystery tour. The activity required most of us to lose one of our senses. We then had to move around the park overcoming various obstacles. This challenging, but fun activity allowed each group to come together and form strong bonds, building trust and confidence in each other.
These two days were about becoming closer as a year level, with oneself and with God. We all learnt that each of us has our own highs and lows in our lives and that both are inevitable, but through God and the people we surround ourselves with, we will be able to overcome our struggles. It was a time of peace, reconciliation, and mending broken bonds. By the end of it, the whole year level had become even closer than we were before. Each and every girl was able to walk away with something special from this retreat. Making new friends and strengthening old bonds. Tears were shed, happiness was alive and memories were made. Year 12 Retreat is one that will never be forgotten! By Kate Devereaux, Samara D’Souza, Krychelle Espinosa and Yashoda Lodhia

Praying for Prisoners

In this year of Mercy we have been asked to support the work of those who minister in prisons. This is one of the corporal works of mercy inspired by the Gospel – “I was in prison and you visited me” – Matthew 25: 36. Earlier this year our Young Vinnies students organised a very successful collection of stationery for the women in the prison at Wiri.

One way we can all be involved in this work of mercy is through prayer. To this end every student of the junior school and all staff have been given a prayer card. On the front is a message from Pope Francis and on the back is a prayer. The cards are individualised with a particular cell number in a particular prison. We are asked to pray for the occupants (past and present) of that one cell and all those connected to that person – families, friends, victims, prison staff, etc.  Prayer is, of course, always about opening oneself to change. We pray, therefore, that opening ourselves to the love of God, we may become a more peaceful, reconciling and forgiving influence in our society.

Pastoral Care and Guidance

St Dominic’s offers a guidance network that is geared to providing the best possible assistance to our students and their families, with help on personal matters, educational issues and career planning. Each student not only has a Form Teacher and a Year Level Dean, who will be primarily responsible for their development and wellbeing, but she will also have access to a Careers Advisor and an Academic Advisor, who can provide vocational and academic advice.

In addition, assistance with personal concerns is readily available from our College counsellors and a Public Health Nurse, and the College works with Maori and Pacific Island community groups.

800 Year Dominican Celebration Mass

On Sunday 4th of September 2016 some students together with Mrs Coddington, Ms Heffernan and Mrs Cala, attended Mass at St Dominic’s Parish with the Dominican nuns and friars, friends and parishioners as they celebrated the momentous event of 800 years of Dominican Life.

It was a joyous occasion filled with gratitude to those men and women who willingly gave their lives to educate young people and live the mission of the Dominican family – to praise, to bless, to preach.

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