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St Dominic's is a Catholic School integrated into the state system.  As such it has a Special Character which distinguishes it from other schools.   Our Special Character is both Catholic and Dominican in that we are imbued with the spirit and tradition of St Dominic handed down to us by the Dominican Sisters who established the College and still maintain an interest here.

Vinnie’s Leadership Celebration

It was a proud moment to witness our Vinnies Leaders be acknowledged for their leadership and service for the St Vincent de Paul society, at a special Diocesan youth mass.

Congratulations to Martina Natac-Williams, Emily Mudgway, Laura Tevaga, Epi Toomata and Aniela Endaya. Also congratulations to our Liston Brothers, as well as past students April Joy Avito and Maddie Swann for their continued leadership service with St Vincent de Paul.
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150 Years of Dominican Education in New Zealand

 Former principal of our college, Sr Elizabeth Mackie tells the story of the first Dominican Sisters to come from Ireland to New Zealand and their legacy 150 years later. Click here - God's Work Awaits in Otago.



Thanksgiving Mass

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St Dominic's Day

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